Tips for Maintaining Your Car


It is possible to prolong the life of your car in many ways. If you get it serviced regularly and drive it with care then this will obviously prolong the life of your vehicle. This can be costly so it may be worth considering just getting an oil change by either doing it yourself or by using a non dealership owned garage. A good oil such as Castrol Magnatec which is a special synthetic oil will prolong the life of your engine. It is very good as it does not degrade over time like other oils. By changing your oil every 3000 miles instead of every 10,000 will also make a huge difference. You can usually get an oil and filter change for around £35 from most third party garages.

You can usually get a good screen wash from a car shop that will give you much better visibility than just topping it up with water. It is best to use it concentrated rather than dilute as it has a much better effect. You can then add water to it as it runs down. Antifreeze can be topped up at a garage or at home pretty easily but make sure that the concentration is right for the winter especially.

Using a car wash can damage your car but a lot of people worry about this too much. The most that is likely to happen is a few small brush scratches. If you use a car wash too much this can lead to your paint becoming dull over time. To restore your paint work you will need to use polish but the effects will never be as good as a hand wash.

Premium fuels are definitely worth the money as are premium car spares. Regular engines get clogged up with tar and carbon but those running on premium fuels look as good as new. Premium fuels will also reduce your emissions and run a lot more smoothly. You will get increased fuel consumption by up to 28 miles extra per tank full. A good option is BP Ultimate.

It is important to deal with chips straight away as one of these in the drivers view will mean an MOT failure. When you see a stone chip you should get it looked at straight away as it will work out much cheaper in the long run. Most windscreen companies will not charge you for a chip as this goes through your car insurance and they pay for it. This will normally not incur a rise in your premium the following year.

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